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I am looking for that best next enterprise application software [EAS] instructor opportunity right now. EAS is used in organizations, such as a business or government, as opposed to software used by individuals. And I have done that in the retail, service, telecommunications, banking and financial service industries.

My best attribute is a results-focused instructor for creating learning WOWs! & O*M*G* Moments for audiences. I travel worldwide to audiences providing instruction in formal/informal settings. Have suitcase, can travel.

To explain it another way, recall a workplace learning situation where the light bulb went off for you. Where you say "I got it." That's a learning WOW & O*M*G* moment which I am very good at creating for you as an instructor.

Bottom-line: I make a smashing success at measurable improvements and goals. Have suitcase, must travel. *Oh My Gosh! 
These organizations have benefited from my leadership, task oriented, and problem solving abilities to achieve a 'smashing success'.
I completed 25 consecutive times the Dallas Marathon and continue as a volunteer now.  While I wasn't born in Texas, I  did move here as soon as possible.

You already know the answers to your future success or goals. Now you are looking for the talent to achieve those great things.
When you are inspired or dissatisfied with the current situation, have a vision of future success and ready for the first-steps, contact me now.

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